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Sex sells on ebay?


New Member
Well, not literally.

Has anyone noticed that there seems to be a trend where if someone is selling... lets say a nintendo wii. They will have an attractive female holding the box. It doesnt seem like it would make a big difference, but the views are so much higher than on other similiar auctions. Something to think about.:rolleyes:


Secret Agent
Staff member
I've noticed that too. I've also noticed that attractive images in general attract more viewers than auctions with crappy or no images.


Registered Member
Ive noticed that. I think its a combination of attractive person holding it, as well as proof that the item exists. My mom has made a career out of selling on Ebay, and we've noticed that Items that are actually photographed instead of using a generic web photo get more hits and sells faster..Something to ponder


New Member
Yeah...it seems like it's turning into another myspace sometimes. I guess if you're selling steak...you don't sell the steak...you sell the sizzle!