Sex offenders locked up for Halloween

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by CMK_Eagle, Oct 31, 2007.

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    OK, this doesn't make sense to me for three reasons. First, if these people are still a danger to children, why aren't they still in prison? Either they've paid their debt, reformed, and there's no reason for their liberty to be further restricted, or they've shown themsleves to be dangerous to society, and have no business being out among the public.

    Second, how can someone who's been pardoned of a crime be subject to any punishment because of it? Doesn't a pardon completely wipe the slate clean?

    Third, it seems like this is overly broad. The motivation for molesting a child is very different from the motivation for rape. Pedophiles are motivated by sexual attraction to children, whereas rapists are motivated by a need for power over others. The former would be a threat to trick-or-treaters, whereas the latter represent no greater threat than the rest of the population, or at the very least than any other violent criminal (who haven't been targeted here).


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