Sex & Money (& New Members)


This is my first post, but nobody really cares about that. I know things we do care about, though.

I like sex, and I like money. Enough said.

Do you like sex or money (or both)? :nod:


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I do care about your first post. And while sex/money are fine and all, just mentioning them for no reason doesn't do anything for me.

(I also mixed up your username with leomay at first...)


Sultan of Swat
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Get paid money for sex, now that's what I am talking about...I mean no that's illegal.

Welcome to the forums, don't see you sticking around but hopefully you prove me wrong.


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It's not illegal where I live, how do you think I make a living.

No really i'm kidding

Welcome to the forums new person.


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Wilkommen, mein herr, das ist gut ja? Ja!

Sex and money are alright, but what I'm really craving is some chocolate milkshake. :nod: