SEX: is it good for your health?


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When you're in the mood, it's a sure bet that the last thing on your mind is boosting your immune system or maintaining a healthy weight.


For some people sex is just a matter getting a hormonal discharge and some short moments of pure pleasure. For others, sex is waaay more serious........they believe that good sex offers health benefits and more. Is sex actually good for your health?:stare:

Is sex only good for a moment of sheer ecstasy or are there health benefits to be derived from participating in the act?
Do you know any of these health benefits?
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Fun fact: sex can release endorphins which actually relieve headaches with an effect similar to morphine.

No longer a valid excuse, ladies.
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Sex is good for me!!! ;)
If it's not good for you, I dare say you are doing it wrong!

Seriously though, it is good (s)exercise and does release endorphins, as Chaos so kindly pointed out!

It's definitely not bad for anyone, I think?


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Remember kids, always wear a condom. Sex can be very bad for your health without one.

Other that STD's I can't imagine sex is bad for you. Physically it's a work out and sometimes it's satisfying emotionally too.


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As long as it's consensual, it's good for you. Of course, there's different times when it's VERY good, other times when it's just okay, but that's dependent on the timing and the person.

But the physical and sexual side of relationships is very important to me. Sexual compatibility between partners is crucial.