Sex in Public


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Sometimes you just can't wait to go home or somewhere more private. :lol:

I've had it in places that are considered public but it's far from the desire to give a public show (some couples actually get excitement from being watched). I can attest that all those times we did it, we hoped no one would see us. But yes, the fear that anyone would pass and might notice added to the spice of it. Places like the office stockroom, apartment building stairs (in front of our neighbors' doors), car, hiking trail, my grandparents' living room (they were in their rooms, sleeping), beach at night, etc.


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personally i have done some acts for the thrill an risk of it but with regards to having sex in public places it has more so been a case of just me and my partner at the time being excited and unable to wait to get home


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Some people do it for fun and for the sexual thrill. Some people do it to add more excitement into the relationship. Some people do it because they love sex and don't care where they have it. So long as you're not hurting anyone and nobody can see you then I don't see the problem with it. I find it pretty funny to be honest.


All that I listed there, BTDT. :)

See? Even CO did it. :rotfl:
i don't know what BTDT stands for but i got your idea which is "Yes, i had". :D

seriously..every stockroom is dangerous but i never thought you would be THAT courageous to have it in an OFFICE stockroom!! haha... :jawdrop:

edit: unless you had it with your boss . :p


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There is definitely something thrilling about having sex in public's quite the rush knowing that you could get caught, and also the fact that you can't wait to get someplace private is pretty hot. Some honorable mentions for me are a baseball dugout, hiking trail, and movie theatre. Also, having really loud sex with the windows open is fun too for similar reasons :nod: