Sex in Public


Sultan of Swat
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I did it at a beach in Cancun at around 2am, if we would of gotten caught we could of gotten in a lot of shit. I am like everyone else, it's the thought of getting caught by someone makes it more fun. I've done it in different public places, but the beach in Cancun was definitely the best.


^^ lol. well... 2am was a good choice ... no one hanging around i guess.

since everyone was thrilled of getting caught...i'm sure a friend's house would be good too.


Hell, It's about time!
That reminds me, my ex and I did it on the beach in Brigantine NJ at night... that was fun. No one... I mean no one was out there.


Sultan of Swat
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Another place that I've done it that was interesting was at home plate of a baseball field. The scary thing is that the lights were still on at the ball park, but there was no one around.


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As has been said, most people do it for the thrill, and for me that's what it is, it makes it all that much better when its like that. So far I have done it in a park and the beach, both were awesome.


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Well when I was in high school me and my girlfriend at the time did it in a pool at her aunt's house. We also did it in my car at various locations.

I suppose we never got too risky with our debauchery but he had a few scares where we accidentally honked the horn in my car when we were outside her house.