Sex Ed for 4 Year Olds!


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heh I agree with them though. It's worth a shot. The Italians did it with their kids and alcohol. If they don't make sex a big deal then maybe they won't feel the strong need to defy their parents' wants of them waiting till marriage.


rainbow 11!
They could retain a little information. Besides, I don't think they are going to go indepth. Just the whole "boys have a penis and girls have a vagina" and if they continue this every year, give a little more information.


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Zizi class. :lol: I'm sure they know what their body parts are called at that time. What exactly to they have in mind, I wonder...


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I agree with the idea, but not to the extremes. I think kids should be taught in small pieces that grow more explicit as they get older. You're not going to show preschoolers a childbirth, but by the time they hit 5-6th grade (10-12 years old), it's probably a good time to start introducing basic "What is happening to your body?" type stuff. If they have childish lessons already taught to them, they'll be able to be taught much easier and with less fear.


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I really don't get why people are supposed to wait till marriage to have sex. My mom has always taught me "Why buy the shoe before you try it on?" And I was taught about sex in public school around fifth grade. They never told us that the vagina was full of spikes or anything, but they sure as hell didn't say that it was made of candy, either.

But as far as teaching four year olds sex ed, I'd be willing to put a four year old through that just so I could hear them say "labia" or "penis" all day long.

penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis


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Haha man Hiei.. thats really the only thing you can get from teaching sex to 4yr olds. They will laugh find funny ways to use the words and other than that will not give a shit about sex.

When I was that age I was running away from girls to keep from contracting those cooties everyone spoke of. So when their teachers explain private parts and that later on they will be attracted to them, the kids will either not care or wont believe them.

They won't be more likely to save themselves and they won't be more likely to have pre-marrital sex.

Just a bunch of penis jokes. Make the junier high sex ed more respectable with that money and leave the 4yr olds to be 4yr olds.
I agree 4 is pretty young for sex education but you also have to take their maturity level into consideration and be honest to the degree that they are capable of understanding.
For example. My friends 4 year old daughter asked her where babies come from and she told her "God" now the 4 year old has been praying every night for God to give her a baby. I think she could have been a little more truthful with her.

Oh, and please don't respond with "but they do come from God" that's a whole other discussion.
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