Sex before marriage


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Me and my wife waited till we were married to have sex. This was an extremely hard and challenging thing to accomplish. I am a Christian and believe it is the right way to go. It allows you to actually know the person who you are going to marry. I thought it would be interesting hearing everyones view on this.


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I disagree with it for one major reason: It's unnatural to expect people to withhold sex. Yes, some people can manage it, but it's something incredibly difficult to expect. It's human nature to have sex and there's nothing wrong with it, you just need to control your urges so your relationship doesn't become solely about sex.

The divorce rate is actually the highest in the bible belt, where people don't typically have sex until marriage. I believe it makes perfect sense because sex is part of a union between two people and to not experience it for a long period of time could have major repercussions for the solidarity of the relationship. If people are really disappointed with the sex they have, it can ruin the marriage, end it, or make it extremely tense.


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You're 24? What age did you get married?

And about that divorce in the bible belt thing, that's because people there are more weak of mind. If they just avoid divorce because religion tells them to, then they probably don't have much other skills when it comes to holding the relationship together. Eventually, something's got to crack.
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I completely disagree with sex after marriage.

I think that if two people who are in love, in a committed relationship, and think they are ready, should go at it like rabbits. With protection of course. I really agree with Merc, it shouldn't be solely about sex. But to have sex is a healthy and natural thing, because then you won't be expecting some great and wonderful experience on your honeymoon only to be disappointed.


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I also disagree. Mainly because to me marriage doesn't actually mean anything, especially these days. I'm not saying I'm against being with someone the rest of your life. If you can find someone like that then that is fantastic. But waiting until after you get married to have sex is just stupid. Like it's been said already, sex is human nature. We are still animals. Do other animals have ceremonies and cake and dance then go do it? Nah, they just do it whenever the mood strikes and that's how we humans should be. It's great to have morals and I guess that's to show we're more civilized or something, but sex is a natural and beautiful thing. It should be practiced whenever you feel like it.


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I am a Christian and believe [chastity before marriage] is the right way to go.
Sorry, JJ, but the idea of no sex before marriage makes absolutely no sense at all to me.

People were around long before the idea of marriage. Now, I do agree that in our current society that marriage is a good idea, but I totally don't agree with chastity. Sex is a natural animal act. Know that feeling you get in your pants you get when a pretty girl pops up on TV, or someone has sex in a movie that wasn't made by Disney... that's called an erection. It means that your natural sexual instincts want you to have sex with that particular person, or your body wants you to have sex at that current point in time. I'm not saying that you should bed the first female near you, but I'm just trying to say that sex is a perfectly natural, normal thing and it's okay to have it with more than one person in your lifetime, because that's how our bodies are programmed.

Can't fight nature with logic, especially when it's just so damn good. I'm also an avid non-believer in birth control, condoms, and abortion. It's adoption or nothing, in my opinion.


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I'm sure sex before marriage was possible back in the day when things were very strict. Heck, I think my parents didn't have sex until they got married either. So it is possible.

I see it as more of a "guideline", one of the things you 'should' do.

It's practically impossible to stop two teens who have hormones raging throughout their bodies to withhold sex if both agree to have it.


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> Can't fight nature with logic, especially when it's just so damn good. I'm also an avid non-believer in birth control, condoms, and abortion. It's adoption or nothing, in my opinion

So, between the two, logic is the helpless one? But that's what you used to argue for nature.

And let me see if I get this straight. You do believe in having sex before marriage, but you don't believe in any form of birth control or abortion. So......... what are these young people supposed to do everytime they want to have sex? Take the risk? Every time? That's a real incongruous stance to take.


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And for the record, I am waiting until marriage. Sex forms a union, and I don't want that union with anyone other than my wife. I don't want to go into marriage with a bunch of baggage from past relationships. I don't want to do that to my wife. In my mind, what I do today will affect my wedding day and every day afterwards. I simply want to affect it in the right way.