Sex at the movies


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I remember a while back I had a friend who worked at the local movie theater and she would regularly complain of finding used condoms when she was cleaning up after movies. :-o And it wasn't just movies with a couple people in them, it was popular movies. I just find it a little weird and gross that people would want to have sex at the movies in front of all those people. Even if it is dark, the people beside you can still see and hear.

So, have any of you ever heard of this at your local movie theater? What are your thoughts on this? Or even if you've ever been that person...could you not wait to get home :lol:


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maybe they are looking for some interesting places rather than the same home routine. i think it's exciting :nod: but i also think that they shouldn't leave their condoms...


muhahahaha i never heard this. hm...erm .... no. i've never seen/heard and sound of sex while watching the movie at a theater.
i just find it weird and inappropriate to have it there and not find a more comfortable and normal place.


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Funny, I was just at a movie and I heard some moaning.. :lol:

No idea why people would have sex in movie theaters, unless it was for the rush or something.


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Last week I went to see paranormal activity and there was this couple fucking in the back row unfortunately I was turned and looking right at them for 5 seconds before I noticed and the girl turned and winked and me so we left because the only seats were waaaay to close to them.

Its easy to get away with some stuff, but not that.


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I never heard of anyone having sex in the movie theater but I'm sure it's happened before. I know a lot guys get hand jobs and stuff like that but never actual sex.

I won't lie though it would be pretty funny if I did see it happening.


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I've never really heard of people having sex at the movies, but I don't go to movies very often. I suppose if the theater is pretty empty and you're in the back row nobody would notice, but I can't imagine wanting to do it in a crowded theater, or people not complaining about the people next to them having sex.