Seven Days

quoting this again because I can hear your voices so well >>

"thank you for correcting that, I was legitimately confused by his sentence"

"oh really? I was just being a bitch."


still nobody's bitch
"Seven days" was all she wrote
a kind of ultimatum note
she gave to me
she gave to me

When I thought the field had cleared
it seems another suiter appeared
to challenge me
woe is me

though I hate to make a choice
my options are decreasing mostly rapidly
well we'll see

I don't think she'd bluff this time
I really have to make her mine
it's plain to see
it's him or me

The fact he's over 6' 10"
might instill fear in other men
but not in me
the mighty flee

Asked if I am mouse or man
the mirror squeaked, away I ran
he'll murder me
in time for his tea

Does it bother me at all
my rival is Neanderthal
it makes me think
perhaps I need a drink

IQ is no problem here
we won't be playing scrabble for
her hand I fear
I need that beer

Seven days
will quickly go
the fact remains
I love her so
Seven days
so many ways
that I can run away...
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Don't worry, it's only until mr. generis starts posting again then I'll change it back :lol:

also, if I change it regularly it's another way to annoy Swift. and another reason for you to hate Sui. everybody wins!