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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mirage, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. Mirage

    Mirage Administrator Staff Member V.I.P.

    Have you ever played the board game Settlers of Catan? I finally played for the first time the other day and I have to say it's pretty fun. Definitely deserves board game of the year, which I believe it won in both America and Germany last year or the year before.

    There are also several expansions but I haven't played those yet, just the normal expansion that allows for more players.

    Have you played it? Do you like it?

    Mayfair Games (You can find it here but you hav to click on "Catan Games" on the left)

  2. Sim

    Sim Registered Member

    It's one of my all time favorites.

    When I was on holidays with my cousins most of the summers in the 90s, we played on and off -- and we had a lot of fun with it.

    The game is a very appealing mix of strategy, economic simulation and luck that is addictive. We still play it now and then when we meet.
  3. Mirage

    Mirage Administrator Staff Member V.I.P.

    Do you play with any of the expansions? I haven't tried them yet as I mentioned but I am looking into them. Some look like they make the game a lot more fun.

    Also, the way we played was that you start with all the pieces upside down (water side up, numbers upside down as well) and you only get to see what they are once you land on them. It definitely made it more intriguing that's for sure.
  4. Sim

    Sim Registered Member

    I think we've played a few times with the "Sea Explorer" expansion, but we usually went back to the "vanilla" version. The 5 or 6 players expansion is great too when playing with more than 4 people, it's just an expansion of the "vanilla" version.

    That sounds interesting, it increases the factor luck in the game, while showing all pieces from the beginning increases the strategy factor. Depending on what you prefer, you can chose your approach -- that's one of the things I like about the game. By changing a few rules, you can easily "tweak" the game -- for example, you can chose to play up to more than 10 points, or apply different exchange rates for the resources. Or you can chose to apply extra rules when placing the robber.

    At any rate, great game!

    Just on a side note: If you are going to buy expansion sets, make sure they are the same version as your original game -- the German and American versions of the game are not compatible, because the pieces are slightly larger in the American version.
  5. Mirage

    Mirage Administrator Staff Member V.I.P.

    Yeah I was playing with just the 5-6 player expansion and then the upside down pieces rule tweak. It's definitely a fun one.

    Do you have any house rules that you came up with that worked well?

    (Also, it's the 4th edition US version that I was using. I figured it was important to stick to the same version if only to have the art on the pieces look the same. Size is an obvious factor too that I didn't think of.)
  6. Jeanie

    Jeanie still nobody's bitch V.I.P. Lifetime

    I used to play all the time. It's one of the best games ever. I had the Seafarers expansion but never used it.
  7. Bjarki

    Bjarki Registered Member

    My brother bought it, but we only played it just once. It seemed a little complicated for a board game to do for leisure.

    I posted a link in my blog section to a site where you can play my fav game Carcassone online. It has Settlers of Catan on there as well (under an alternive name), including the option to play with 2 expansions. - Java based multiplayer games
    It's wise to play it against CPU bots at first, just to get the hang of the game. Afterwards you can play multiplayer vs other people.
  8. dDave

    dDave Guardian of the Light V.I.P.

    I really like that game, definitely one of my all time favorite board games. (behind Monopoly Oobviously :lol:)

    I've played the original version, the 5-6 player expansion, the seafarers expansion, and I have not yet played the knights expansion, even though I have it.

    It has a very simple concept which is one of the reasons why I like it so much, there's nothing about it that makes it complicated, once you understand the rules it's impossible to forget.

    I really wish that I'd have had the time to play the last few times it's been played around here, Brix is getting all of the luck. :sneaky:

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