Settle for your years in cash?


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Hypothetical question time.

If you could somehow cash in years at the end of your life for upfront cash, let's say $100,000 per year, would you cash in any years?

Basically you'd live 1 less year than you would normally for each $100,000 you traded for.

Obviously hypothetical but could make for some interesting discussion.

Considering nobody knows how long they will live I wouldn't cash in any years. I might end up in the ground with $100,000 to spare if I got too greedy.

I'd rather live out my life and see where it goes. I wouldn't even trade 1 year for $100k. I know I'd regret it later on.


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I'd trade a year or two. Screw 'em. I can spend some of my cash on those fancy drugs they've got rolling down the line that make it so you don't need sleep. That should make up for lost time. Now, if said drugs never do get properly developed, then I might regret my decision, but meh... there's always meth, I suppose.

You know, now that I think of it, trading two years of my life for a little cash and a meth habit seems like a shit deal. Then again, don't we all trade away most of our lives for cash? Isn't that what getting a job is? Hmmm...


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Then again, don't we all trade away most of our lives for cash? Isn't that what getting a job is? Hmmm...
Well actually that's part of the reason I made this thread. Hypothetically trading your years for cash is one thing but it's definitely something you can do for real if you work yourself sick chasing money.

Not to mention that your drugs you mention to "replace" sleep will just take off more years at the end of your life. Drugs can't replace the benefits of sleep, they just make it easier to get by with less. They aren't meant to be used as long term sleep replacement solutions. That's not as good of a loophole as it seems. :rolleyes:


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I would do it. For more money.

But yeah we all sell our souls for cash to join the work force. Now if you like what you do then that is a different story.


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I wouldn't trade in any years, to me life is too valuable to give any part of it up just for money even if it is $100,000.
No, couldn't do it. I'm sure my life could be lived just as good broke as with a purse-full of cash. I'm into simple pleasures which require no money at all, so I'd rather have more time to enjoy those than trying to figure out what to spend the money on.
Unless there was a way to find out how many years we had to live after cashing in on them? Then I might be swayed.;)


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Money is just money. When we die, we'll all have the same amount. I would rather have the years to do things then the cash.


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This is going to sound weird coming from someone who doesn't care about money, but I would absolutely trade 5-10 years of my life for $500,000-$1 million. I guess it would depend on the situation though. If I had a wife and kids I'd have to say no. Every day is too important to give up. But if I'm on my own, then it would be worth it to give up several years of my life. I don't really see much of a difference between living to 80 and living to 70 if you don't have anyone to share those years with.