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Setting up Christmas gift registries


Secret Agent
Staff member
Thete’s a growing trend on sites like Amazon where you can set up wish lists and then give those lists to your friends and family. Do you do this?

I’ve done it for my birthday but not for Christmas. The pro is that people’s get you stuff you actually want, but it also feels kind of weird buying from somebody’s list for them. Like it takes out the thought process behind buying a gift.


Registered Member
I have been doing this since 2013 and what a difference it makes in helping my family buy exactly what I need for Christmas! It has also been a help to me in buying gifts for others. My mom thanks me every single year for introducing the family to the Amazon holiday list.


Registered Member
I don't do it but I think it's a good idea if people ask for a list. My kids used to make one and send me the link. It made shopping so much easier!


Free Spirit
Staff member
My husband recently discovered this list and he has a long one going already. I don't think he intends to give it to anyone other than me.