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setting up a home webserver


New Member

i would like to set up a webserver in my home, and i have 2 Q's. im using xp pro with iis with a static ip on an adsl line.
1. I need to have multiple domains hosted on the same server. How does the routing work and how to i set it up using iis?
2. Is it a problem to use a laptop as the server. I have an hp zv5000.

Thanks, Brian


Secret Agent
Staff member
Are you using IIS6?

Go to the properties for the domain you added and click the "Web Site" tab. Then click "Advanced" button next to the IP.

Now click "Add" and type in your IP and Port and add the header value of "www.yourdomain.com"

Make a separate one for "yourdomain.com" without www.

As for using a laptop as a server, that doesn't matter but remember each time you turn your Laptop off to go somewhere your sites will all be down.

Hopefully you have a nice internet connection too.