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Setting The Record Straight!!!


Secret Agent
Staff member
Ok fine, (tentative timeline, but hopefully) in the next week or so this site is going to undergo some core changes. These changes will effect the future of this site in a positive way, and will also help set us apart even more from other sites on the internet. Let's call the current site Kansas.

To quote one of my favorite movies, "Strap yourself in, cuz Kansas is going bye bye."


Registered Member
so there is going to be a BRAND new site you say? From your wording it seems as though that is the case? hmmm... I have an idea, but I will keep to myself... I have a feeling I may be right... just a hunch but adding in all the pieces it makes ALOT of sense...
If I am right... then I like the idea... if the idea is all my own and infact this is not the basis of Andrews new plan... then it's my idea... and well hmm... I just got up so this won't make sense to me later or anyone else so I will just shuuuush now... (This is an example of when NOT to post anything that you really have no clue or medicated thoughts on...LOL) Submit reply now...


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TWO cups!!! With flavoured creamer!!!


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Ladies.....he's teasing us! He thinks he caved by telling us a few things. Made it worse! Now I want (NEED) to know more! Is it a week or so yet????

Mystery AS. For every post on this thread you have to give us another clue :lol:


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ok no new site... that's OK... but the idea running in my head still can be done with this site... hehehe... oooh the ESP I have been having lately from the meds is really interesting... hehee..


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NightSurfer...I am sorry this has happened...but never the less it did...I am starting to really think people are so borded here...Andrew can you put in a Farriswheel and some Carnival games???? Nightsurfer, I think you are a wonderful person...*Heck* Your the one that invited me here in the beginning.....

I sure am ready for positive....well not like a "POSITIVE" pregnacy test or "POSITIVE" blood test or anything...positive in a GOOD way.... <wink>