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Sergio Kindle gets another DWI.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Ravens rookie had twice legal limit on DUI arrest, police say - baltimoresun.com

Police charged Kindle with driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while impaired by alcohol, failing to obey traffic control devices and speeding. He posted a $10,000 bail and was released. His next court appearance is March 8.

Kindle, the Ravens' first draft pick in 2010, fell down a stairwell at a friend's house three days before training camp opened and suffered a skull fracture that has sidelined him for the year and jeopardized his career. He had been arrested in a drunken-driving case while in college in 2007 and crashed his car into a building in 2009, an accident he blamed on driving while sending text messages. Kindle is on the nonfootball injury list and can take part in physical therapy with the Ravens but cannot participate in football activities.
This happaned a few days ago but they're finally talking about it. He was busted with a .18 blood alaohol content level and failed the drunk driving tests horribly. I can't help but think that he'll see some kind of suspension when, and if, he can play. He'll have to attend soem serious alcohol rehab before he should even be considered for a NFL starting roster.

What a loser.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I felt bad for him for not being able to play at all this year and maybe even next year, but now I don't. It's too bad these guys get guaranteed money. He's a millionaire without ever even attending training camp or playing one down in the NFL.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I don't think he signed a very large contract. He didn't sign it until the second quarter of the year or something and it was only a one year deal. The Ravens were trying to lock up his rights in case he could play next year after the head injury. I can't find any specific details on the contract but the rookie minimum is $285,000 and I wouldn't expect them to pay more than a million to keep his rights.

Terrible draft for the Ravens so far. They might even be able to get some money back in arbitration because he's such a moron.
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