Serena Williams to line ref, "I'll kill you,"

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Merc, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Merc

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  2. Chaos

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    Woooooow. That is not something I would expect from someone like her. Serena and her sister are legends of Tennis - they of all people should know far better. God knows how many people look up to her and respect her, and she goes and does that? That's disgraceful.

    Every sports player has times when they disagree with the referee/umpire. But they should also know you have to suck it up. Arguing and being childish not only fucks up the mood of the game, but also makes the ref look bad and lessens his authority. I know this first hand since I'm a hockey umpire, and it's totally unacceptable behaviour. She should be ashamed of herself.
  3. micfranklin

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    First Kanye was being an obnoxious prick and now this. Guess Sunday was just a good time for everyone to act outside of themselves.
  4. Major

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    Are we sure she even said it? I certainly didn't hear it. She said she didn't say it and I believe her.
  5. Millz

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    Well she claims she didnt say I would kill you but she certainly said something to the effect of sticking the fucking ball down her throat...which would probably kill yeah.

    Serena lost her cool. That call shouldnt have been made but it didnt make or break she just looks stupid for going insane like this.
  6. Merc

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    Watch the video again. Serena says, "I didn't say that!" and a few people in the background yell back, "Yes you did!" Not to mention, just watch the crowd's reaction. I have very little doubt in my mind that she didn't say it. I doubt the "gook" part but the others? Nope. The Williams sisters are far from calm and collected on the court. They aren't maniacs either, but I would not put this past them.
  7. Pugz

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    For a tennis match that's a pretty noisy crowd, all i caught if it was Serena telling the woman that she didn't say she'd kill her.

    Either way her attitude was poor.
  8. Major

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  9. ysabel

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    Even John McEnroe said the behavior wasn't acceptable. You'd think he'd approve. :lol:
  10. viLky

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    Saw this on the news and I still have the same opinion after seeing it here: people sometimes blow a gasket, and when you're such a competitive person such as Serena Williams I don't think she should get punished. The $10,000 they're charging her for blowing up is INSANE even if she is making millions of dollars. She's human and she lost it. Forgive, because from the majority that I've seen our of her she is a very good sport and calm. Losing it this one time shouldn't grant her any sort of punishment, I believe.

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