September 11th Memorial Thread


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There's been lots of programmes on at the moment going through what happened during the terrorist attacks on the twin towers.

Channel 4 released never seen footage of the people surrounded by the disaster. It was not only moving by it gave you a level of empathy for those involved.

Does anyone know of anybody who was indeed involved in those attacks. Any personal memories from yourself when you first heard of the attacks?

Of course my thoughts are with those who lost loved ones.


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My dad worked at the Pentagon, but had a doctors appointment that morning. So he was not in his office which apparently was affected by smoke from the plane crash. I lived in MD at the time so a lot of the kids I went to school with had family and parents that worked at the Pentagon. My friends aunt was in the Navy command center at ground zero and was killed.

I remember watching it on TV at school most of the day. I remember students running thru the halls crying. There was a police lockdown at our school and they had bomb sniffing dogs... it was an interesting day to say the least.

All I remember thinking when we watched the towers collapse is "Some 3rd world nation is gonna get carpet bombed because of this"...

It was a sad day in history. I've been to all 3 memorials, in the Pentagon, in NYC and in Shanksville. They are pretty eerie and sad at the same time.


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My personal memory is I was in law school at the time and I was getting dressed to go to class and turned the TV on and started watching what happened. I was in shock and sat and watched TV the rest of the day.

When I got out I worked for a firm for a bit and we were approached by a family seeking to sue Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, the government of Iraq, and others in federal court for a wrongful death action. Some familes had already done so and George Tenet, Laurie Mylroie and others testified at the default judgement hearing since of course no answer was filed on behalf of the defendants. A judgment was rendered against them but the Bush administration had frozen all assets of theirs in the US to pay for the war. So the judgment was never paid. The familes we spoke to then decided not to go through with it. Those are the only people I know that were personally involved.


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I was in school when this happened as well, I remember being in my computer class and the teacher said we can go online to read all about it. Some people were even screaming World War 3 which was foolish in my mind. I won't lie when it happened I didn't know what the Twin Towers were so at first I didn't believe it was such a big deal, but after I saw videos and pictures I was in disbelief. I can't believe it's already been eight years since it happened.


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I was only 11 at the time. I remember going to school and hearing the teachers talking about it being on the TV and letting us watch the news on TV. I remember coming home from school and seeing it on the TV, my parents were watching the news too. I sat and practiced playing the piano in the other room while my parents watched. For some reason that is a very vivid memory for me.


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I was in school as well. I remember the class, teacher, even many of the students that were in the class with me. I specifically remember this one girl starter crying and said that her dad was on a business trip to the trade center and that he was on the 100th floor of one of the buildings. I remember being pretty shook up just thinking about that. I also remember how the next day it turned out that she just wanted the teacher to let her leave class (so she could go smoke) and that she had lied about the whole thing. :urp:

I remember watching the second plane hit live and just being in shock.

I remember watching live as the first tower fell and people in the class said out loud "Wow, the World Trade Center is actually gone."
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I wasn't really getting what was going on, because I was only.. 9? when it happened. I do remember kids getting pulled out of Elementary School by their parents, and my parents just left me there because I was only like 2 blocks away :stare:


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I was in sixth grade. (I was 12 when it happened)

I remember entering my Social Studies class and meeting our teacher Mr. Rice. I was ready to once again learn absolutely nothing when I saw the TV. Naturally, I thought "Yay! Movie time! :D" but I was wrong. I remember seeing the woman news anchor talking about the twin towers falling, seeing them fall, people running, smoke rising...all the while my teacher had this murderous look on his face. His hands were clentched into fists and twitching.

My school didn't close, so that school day went on as normal as it possibly could, with me trying to wrap around what the frick just happened. I went back home to watch it once again.

Strangely, all I can remember there is sitting down on the couch watching the horrific images occur again and again and the most eerie thing is...I can remember my DBZ toys (I was a big Dragonball Z fan back then) in a little corner, some were facing the TV with their little fists raised.

But the most horrific image that's burnt into my memory is that of a picture taken of a woman falling off the tower. They showed that on the TV, my mom told me not to look, but I looked anyway. I wish I hadn't. :(


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I was in 4th grade. My teacher got a call from her husband and left the room. When she came back she told us all to sit down and she looked very worried. She asked is any of us knew what the World Trade Center was. And then if anyone had family that worked in it. My friend Joyce was the only person. He uncle worked there. She was allowed to go to the office.

When I got home that day and saw the news I didnt really know what happened but I knew that people had died. I was a very emotional kid and even though I didnt know anyone I still cried.

I also found out that my sisters nana had died that morning.

But yeah, Joyce's uncle died on Sept. 11 as long as an aunt and baby cousin that were on one of the planes.

Now that I've gotten older and I've actually taken the day to heart I get very upset when it gets near. Around any time of the year if I see the time 9:11 on my clock I feel down.


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I was in 6th grade, during social studies class. My teacher got a call, and then she walked to the front of the room, crying, and explained what was going on. I don't think any of us really understood the significance of it, but she turned on the TV for us to watch the news. The bell rang for us to go to our next class which was Language Arts. The whole class we sat there and listened to the radio. The rest of the day wasn't like any other day, and we also got out of school early. I remember going home (I was the only one there at the time) and calling one of my friends to talk about it. I didn't really want to be home alone, so I talked with her until my older brothers and sisters got home from HS. When my parents got home, all we did was watch the news, and everyone just kept shaking their heads in disbelief. It was also my foster brother's birthday that day. How awful.

It really is hard to believe that it's been 8 years.