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Separatists in Russia see opportunity for their own movement.


Free Spirit
Staff member
For separatist groups in Dagestan, Tatarstan and other regions of Russia, the Kremlin's support of a referendum on independence in Ukraine's Crimea peninsula would seem to provide an opportunity for their own movements, which have long been repressed by Russian authorities.

The Kremlin, evidently, does not agree. President Vladimir Putin has long been a vocal opponent of regional separatist movements in Russia, having risen to power by waging a bloody war against rebels in Chechnya, and last year he signed into law a bill that stipulates prison time for those who make separatist appeals.

Crimea Vote Galvanizes Separatists in Russia | The Moscow Times
This would be funny if it wasn't so serious. I hope this comes back to bite Putin in the butt. I have news for the people that want their independence from Russia that is a door that only opens one way and that way is in not out. Putin will only acknowledge the results of a vote if its in his favor.



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To be fair. We, the United States of America, went to war with separatists when the Confederate states wanted to secede. Britain went to war with the colonies when they declared independence. Countries going to war with their own that want to secede is nothing new.

I would totally agree that given the circumstances that it's obviously corrupt. On one hand Putin is totally fine with having people vote to secede from the Ukraine but he is not fine with people wanting to secede from Russia. We all know he sees the double standard there but he doesn't care. He's concerned with power and being respected (not liked). In that way he really is a typical Russian ruler.