Separating Work From Home


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I was having this conversation with my instructor last week about the different aspects of my job progression tree and which ones were the most influential on my home life. We got to talking about how where I currently am, is the absolute easiest position to seperate Home from work.... however the next step up the rung is possibly one of the hardest considering I'd practically be on the clock 24 hours a day... 6 maybe 7 days a week. This kinda disappointed me a bit because I dunno if I like the idea of having work take over my life in such a way.

So what about you? How difficult is it to separate work from home in your occupation?


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The second I clock off at 5, I don't have to think about or do anything regarding work until the next morning. I don't think I could stand a job where home life and work life merged. Being on call over the weekend and at nights would bug me, I like my personal time too much.


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I have 2No jobs, working 6 till 4 in the day and i have just set up another business venture working from home, which i only allow myself 2 to 3 hours per day 5 days a week, once i have got the business upand running to the income that i am after i will slow it down cause the job will run its self.


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As long as we are emotional creatures we will take our jobs home.
Whether it's a work relationship, or an idea we want to launch, our jobs are forever entangled in our lives. And that's ok.
When it becomes unhealthy it's time to change jobs.


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It depends entirely on the type of job. Working a 7 - 330 manual labour job gives me a ton of seperation between work and home life. In fact, the only merging of it is the fact that I became room mates with a workmate. Otherwise, I leave work at the end of the day, and I don't have to do anything in regards to work until I get home.

For 6 months back in 06, I worked a job at a community center. I worked keeping the computers up and running, and I ran a small class where I taught some elderly people how to use the computer. That job was a little harder not to take home. I always worked on some of the preparations for it at home when I'd run out of time at work. That's not too bad though, because usually it was just little things like printing something out, or doing a quick bit of research. If I was spending just as much time away from work doing work work, then it'd be unhealthy.