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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
In the manga, Goku promises Yajirobe that he would get a great big feast after he climbed that karin tower. However, when yajirobe got to the top, he found out that the feast was a senzu bean.

He didnt know they could last 10 days of food, so he ate a handful.

But in the next panel, he was allright again after he inflated up. He just ate about 180 meals! (3 meals a day, handful=6 beans, senzu can last 10 days, 10 times 3 times 6)

And yajirobe has a huge appetite! Previously, he ate a whole huge demon and was gonna eat a humoungous fish 5 times his size but goku ate that when he was extremely hungry.

And after a couple panels, he was talking and walkign normal and everything!

007 Vegita

hum...he must have a very fast matabilizm. Also remember this is an anime made to make us laugh and have fun.


Registered Member
Ya the senzu beans have like Vitamins A,B,C and D lol. I always thought they should carry like 20 of those things around cause they would almost never lose lol.

007 Vegita

ya if you think about it you could carry like 50 around and in a near death experience just eat a bean and get bask to the ass kickin.LoL


You gotta remember how much a sayin can really eat...there is no limit to a stomach like that!