How are your senses? Well, the ones you can grade in terms of 'good' 'average' and 'poor' or whatever. I just always wondered whether people with, for example, really poor eyesight got compensated in other senses more often than not.

Like this...

Sight - I have good eyesight. I've never needed glasses for anything, which I find quite ironic seeing as I spend most of my time staring at a screen.

Hearing - I have average hearing. I've noticed that sometimes other people hear things before I do, but once I'm told what to listen out for then I'll usually pick up on it fine.

Smell - I have a bad sense of smell, which works to my advantage when eating certain foods. :nod:

(Its just a coinsidence that I had all 3 good, average and bad ratings.)


Oh, poppycock.
Eyes: My sense eye site is horrible. I have to wear really thick glasses, and still squint.
Smell: I have a nose piercing, so sometimes my nose gets clogged up (snots dry on the back. gross, i know) so that sort of affects it. Other than that its a pretty good sense of mine.
Hearing: I think I have a good sense of hearing, but I just get distracted a lot. I can only focus on one thing at a time.
Touch(I know this wasn't on the list): I love to touch things. :]


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Seeing: I wear eyeglasses. Poor.
Smelling: This one works fine. They get better too during pregnancies. Average.
Hearing: My hearing must be so fine that I speak softly. Other people I know who speak loudly tell me they do so because they can't hear themselves. Good.
Tasting: I have no idea. I'll just say Average to match smelling.
Touching: Is sensitivity good or bad?
Sixth Sense: Good.


Sally Twit
Sight - Good. I wear glasses for computers and reading only. I can see things up close and far away. After a while if I'm looking at words close up without my glasses it begins to appear blurry.

Smell - Great. I can usually tell what something is straight away when I can smell it.

Hearing - OK. I can hear music and TV fine but for example if my boyfriend is in the next room and speaks to me I usually have to say "What?" a couple of times so that he'll speak louder.

Taste - I'm going to say average because I am fussy when it comes to food. There are a lot of things I have never tried because the appearance/smell puts me off.

Touch - Like ysabel, I am very sensitive and I don't know if that'd be great or poor.


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Sight - Pretty poor I must say. I need to wear glasses or I can't see anything.:shake:
Taste - Average.
Smell - I reckon I have a good sense of smell.
Hearing- Always had good enough hearing, never had problems.
Touching - Average I guess.


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Eye Sight: I use to wear glasses, but dont anymore, won't surprise me if I need some in a couple of years

Hearing: It's not to bad, could be better, doesn't help that I listen to loud music

Smell: I have a good sense of smell, I can smell things that some other people can't, I can also smell things from very far that some people cant.


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Sight - Used to be horrible, but I've had the lasik surgery and now it's better than average.

Hearing - I can normally hear things other people can't, but I do tend to tune things out fairly easily.

Taste - Average. Sometimes I can pick out specifically what spices are used, and sometimes I can't.

Touch - I'm fairly sensitive to touch. I bruise easily as well.

Smell - I dunno, average I guess. I think my dog is trying to wreck it though with his silent but deadly emissions.


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Sight: ugh I have horrid natural vision. Something close to being almost legally blind from what I understand. The optomitrist says when they get the version of the laser eye surgery down for astigmatisms he'll sign me up.

Hearing: Because of my bad eyes, I've relied alot on my ears over the years. So I'm happy to say I have great hearing. So much so that I can actually hear the electric buzz of a TV from almost 2 rooms away. And when I say electric buzz I'm talking about no picture no sound... just the buzz of the screen being on and blank.

: I'm probably just average here, really thinking about it I know I can tolerate some pretty rank smells, but more often than not I can avoid things that really bug other people in terms of the smell.

: Definitely not a super taster because I'm not picky what so ever when it comes to foods. Also I eat lemons (rind and meat all in one) without it bothering me at all. I dont remember if that was important on judging how your tastebuds were but I vaguelly recall it does.

Touch: Again I'm about average, nothing to brag about really.


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Eye sight: Pretty good, never worn glasses, never really had any problems regarding reading.

Hearing: Not too bad, I tend to pick most things up but I have to concentrate or I'll miss it.

Touch: I love toching boobies, so that's still in top shape!

Smell: Very sensitive, my sense of smell is extremely good, infact it can be too good, especially when around smokers, I'm not too keen on that.

Taste: Again revelatively good, I know what I like.

Oh and I see dead people....