Sense of Smell


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My whole life I've basically not had any sense of smell what-so-ever. I do have my sense of taste however although the two are meant to be pretty intertwined. I finally decided to ask my GP about it one day and she was pretty stumped, saying if I really wanted to find out the cause I'd have to see a neurologist.

Is my condition extremely rare or are there others of you out there? Or even somebody you know? I'm interested to see how rare this is and if anyone else might know the possible cause of it..?


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My step dad's sense of both smell and taste are a little dulled. He can slightly smell, but it's not normal. He can't pick up on most things. He's also color blind, and hasn't met a pepper that tastes hot to him.

Come to think of are his senses dulled.


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I do know that senses vary among people, but with something like this I'd definitely see a Neurologist if you have the opportunity.

I think varying degrees of the sensitivity of smell are common, but having it that dulled is probably rare. But this is just coming from the knowledge base of social work guy, here.


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Unity is right, senses vary from person to person. Personally, I have a very weak sense of smell. I think it happened because Ì broke my nose while skateboarding when I was 8 or 9. It doesn`t mean that I can`t smell anything anymore. Its just that, compared to a lot of people my sense of smell sucks.


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Well, I guess I have a weak sense of smell too. Basically, I'm so use to my own habitat that everytime my brother visits he's always like "ugh, what's that smell?" Then it would turn out be paint or something, as I would have painted a few days before. I couldn't honestly smell it, I was already use to my surroundings and ignored whatever odor.

It bothers me because I am a pretty neat & clean person, but apparently some odors are out there that elude me.