Sens deal heatley to sharks for michalek, cheechoo, 2nd rd pick

Discussion in 'Hockey' started by Babe_Ruth, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Babe_Ruth

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  2. Millz

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    That's a pretty damn even trade if you ask me. The Sens wanted Heatley gone and they got two good forwards and a draft pick back.

    Kons should be pretty happy too. Heatley, Thorton and Marleau? Yikes.
  3. Konshentz

    Konshentz Konshentz

    It hurt to see a couple of my favorite players get shipped off but you're right, those three on a line will be dangerous.

    Cheechoo had fallen off, but maybe a fresh start is all he needs - Michalek hurt the most, as he was a really talented player and was still young. Oh well, something had to be done, they are pathetic in the playoffs.
  4. Puckhead58

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    About time!!! I was starting to get sick of hearing Heatley's name every day. The big, selfish baby finally got his wish and got traded to a non-hockey market where he can just play the style he wants to play. Clouston turned things around for the Sens and got them playing good hockey again....but I guess that wasn't good enough for Heatley. He should have just learned to be a team player and adapt to playing 2-way hockey instead of having a tantrum and demanding a trade.

    San Jose is a good team and this move will only make them least it SHOULD make them better if Heater, Thornton and Marleau can give 100% for more than 40 games a season.
  5. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    Most hockey Sens fan here(I live in Ottawa) are happy that he's gone because he was a major headache, but I talked to a few knowledgeable hockey fans(most of the sens fans here know nothing about hockey) don't like this trade at all and think they got robbed. I'm still up in the air about this trade because we don't know how well Cheechoo and Mihalek are going to perform.
  6. Puckhead58

    Puckhead58 Registered Member

    I personally wouldn't say that Ottawa got robbed in this deal....but they could have got a little more than they did....maybe a prospect too.

    Cheechoo and Michalek combined should be able to score around the same amount of goals as Heatley would and having both of them gives the Sens a little more depth then they previously had. Instead of being a 1 line team, they now have 2 decent lines and on top of it all, they got rid of selfish Heatley and his "my way or the highway" attitude where he insisted on playing only offence and not helping the team play a team style of hockey.
    Players like Heatley are a problem to most teams because they think they should be able to play the way they want and if 20 other guys are playing the team style and Heatley is playing his own, hows that gonna work??

    Now the Sens top 6 look like this...

    Michalek - Spezza - Kovalev
    Cheechoo - Fisher - Alfredsson

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