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Senators: Overachieved or slumping?


The return shall be legenday!
Despite injuries, the Ottawa Senators were one of the most consistent teams in the NHL last season. This season on the other hand they can't seem to find their groove. Did they overachieve last season or are they slumping right now?


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Both. Ottawa overplayed last year, as after Karlsson went down, people basically had Ottawa in the lottery. One of things the organization did well, was having assistant Luke Richardson coach Binghamton after one year with Maclean. They ran the same system, so Ottawa had a stream of young players who were ready to be called up at any time. They performed well, thanks in part to some hard work, lack of pressure, and trust from MacLean. Ottawa couldn't score, so they reverted to a defense-first mentality, aided by spectacular goaltending from Anderson, Bishop and The Lehner.

This year, their defense is appaling, MacLean's TOI distribution is crazy, and, Anderson has gone from stopping 1 of 18 shots to 1 of 9.

The good news however, is, they are three points out of the playoffs, and it's right on schedule for the Leafs to collapse. The East is tight, however. Ottawa has jumped from 13th to 9th with last night's win over STL. Also, ottawa is 12-6-4 against the East, but a terrible 2-9-2 against the west. They have played twice against LA, SJ, and ANA, so their WC opponents are getting easier


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Ottawa and Toronto have to keep their eyes on the Metropolitan. Don't worry about the Atlantic. Something magical will have to take place now for them to jump up and lock down a 1-4th position.


The return shall be legenday!
I think Ottawa overachieved. Everything and everyone was clicking for that team last season...especially Craig Anderson who had the biggest horseshoe up his ass. Now their weaknesses and lack of depth are getting exposed and they can't adjust to it. They're basically two players right now, Karlsson and Ryan...the rest are hopeless.