Semi Final Rounds

Discussion in 'Hockey' started by andrew_bishop, May 12, 2007.

  1. andrew_bishop

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    Okay boys here is where we pick who's going to the cup. And to be fair I have gotten very little of these right so I really need this round for sure.

    Buffalo vs Ottawa - As much as I hate the Sens I have to say they are playing some amazing and they truly do deserve to be in the finals. They are playing great hockey and I think they can keep it up. They have a proven goalie in the league today and their offense is hard to stop. Im taking them in six games.

    Detroit vs Anaheim - The Ducks are a cinderella team if you really think about it and they are at the crossroads of having to step it up. To this point I think that the Wings are going to end the Ducks season. Hasek is playing to good of hockey to be beat in a series. That and he is perfect in series with the Wings so far. Wings take this series in seven games

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    I know the Sens are playing good hovkey right now, but I believe the Sabers are to strong to lose four games against one team, I know they have been sucking lately in the playoffs but I am sure they'll change around. I say the Sabers win this series in six games.

    The Western Conference is a little harder to decide both of these teams rely on defense and their goaltenders, but I believe that the Ducks are little stonger in that aspect so I believe the Ducks will win this series in 6.
  3. andrew_bishop

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    Sens won again last night. IMO if they can take atleast one out of their two home games they will have the series. 3-1 is very hard to come back from and obv you can't come back from 4-0. The Sens have a great chance now.

    While in the west things are sitll up in the sky. Both teams are playing great hockey and I think it will come down to overall who is the best goalie in the series and who can step up and really play a pivital role for his team.

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