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Selling your art?


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I am thinking about getting into the business of selling art meant for framing. Instead of selling one piece at a time and selling the originals I am thinking of selling prints.

Has anybody here had any success in this area?

It seems like it's always chalked up as an impossible field to get into but the more I think about it the more I think it can't really be all that bad.

$50 per print and maybe 2,000 prints in the first run. That's a sweet $100,000.


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The only time I've seen a print do well is when the original was incredibly popular.
I'm talking recent, basically unknown artists. Even then, $50 for a print is kind of high priced.
I've only sold my art on eBay, so that's all I can base my knowledge on. Maybe your target audience would be willing to pay that much, but you'd have to have your name out there and kind of known first.