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Selling bridal stuff?


Registered Member
I have been toying with picking up bridal stuff at garage sales really cheap and selling it on another site called www.freeweddingclassifieds.com It really is free to post and respond.

I picked up a wedding dress really cheap, so I'm spot cleaning it, fixing a couple broken buttons and I'll be posting it there hopefully tomorrow.

Funny side note:
I told my bf about it as I was garage saling (is that a word?) and he thought the idea of picking up stuff and reselling it was a good idea. Then he said "Now, this IS for resell right???" LOL.
Like I'm buying wedding stuff for me.

*kicks that box further under the table*


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LOL, sounds like a good idea to me! I bought a 600$ wedding dress for 100 bucks at a discount store to wear this past january and we ended up going to the JP to get married because we couldn;t afford the wedding. Im' hangin onto it though, cause I"m gonna wear it someday to renew my vows!! LOL Here is a pic of it..... maybe you can see it



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Let me know how it goes... I have one in the closet just sitting there in it's box. Seems kinda like a waste of space to me. If I could only get 1/4 of what I paid for it I'd be happy!!


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I've been married twice and I've never worn a wedding gown.
I've never even tried one on! I keep saying that I'm going to try one on and get my picture taken in it, before I'm too old to look good in one.


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OK, do you all want to see the "wedding" dresses I'm looking at?? Please don't think I'm crazy! LOL. I want to get married on July 4, and most ppl think these are ugly, or a stupid dress, but I love them!!



what? no pink?
I think those are cute!!! who cares what people think anyway. It's your wedding do what makes you happy : )

I like the second one the best actually


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I like the second one best too. :cool:
Who cares what people think. I've never seen anything like that before. They're beautiful dresses.


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you guys are funny! Every one of my friends likes #1 the best, but I think I'd look way better in #2. I don't like the stripes on the tail of the bow tho, so I'd cut those off. LOL.


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Agree with everyone else. Like the 2nd one the best (and yeah....ditch the tail stripes) First one is a bit over the top IMHO.

Also agree with Bunny. If you want to get married in Jeans and your fav T that is your wedding and you can do what you want :p

Ahhhh I thought you were just buying wedding dresses for resale though.......:lol: