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Sell Your Ride 1-2-3


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This was in the January 2006 edition of Reader's Digest and I thought I would share:

Sell Your Ride 1-2-3
Ebay and other online forums have taken the hassle out of selling your car--now all you need is a winning ad. Create it in three easy steps:
1. Hook 'em Use an eye-stopping headline, says Charlie Diederich of the Newspaper Association of America. Don't be clever; just express a buyer benefit, like "$1,500 Under Blue Book."
2. 'Fess up The more info the better, even high miles or dents. But turn them into positives: "Car's not pretty, but that's why I'm asking only $3,000."
3. Show it Use at least 10 to 12 photos, says Rob Chesney, senior director of eBay Motors. Sellers tend to shoot cars at a distance, but don't forget several closeups, especially of the paint job.


Im not sure its quite THAT easy, but it gives you an idea of what people want to see in a car ad I suppose... My personal opinion and experience selling cars, you need to really go into short specific detail (kinda ironic huh?) Make sure the ad is clean and not too much extra flair, but a bigger font size than the appointed 12. List all the basics first in <li> mode then go into even more detail at the bottom using sentences.


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I've talked to car dealers that have drasticly increased their sells with ebay auctions. They know the car will sell, both buyer and seller are comfortable with the price, no pressure buying. Its a good deal for everyone.


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Tried to talk the hubby into letting me put that darn thing sitting in my garage on eBay. Have the details....have the pics....just need a green light to list it. The way he's been stalling for the last 2 summers I think the odds are pretty slim.

Maybe a guy can tell me....WHY keep a car when you drive it maybe 10 times a year?