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Selfish money making schemes!


Registered Member
I am right Royally pissed right now! So a month or so ago I was researching further on 2012 I spend most of my time researching many things and this particular time it was relating to "judgement day" as I call it. I came across a web site (I can't remember the name) with many different resources mainly videos from the History and Science channels that I have seen before and this website only asked for you to sign up and receive "life saving" information and only a certain amount of people can sign up to the free news letters and updates. So I thought why not?

Well the cheap bastards now keep emailing me, I have seriously received over 10 emails in the past month asking me to buy ebooks on secret, withheld information, the most recent is secret freemasons knowledge and such forth. They proceed with a long email and links at every opportunity to click and buy the books all the while telling me that we will die, we need to know what to do, how to prepare, the Government know what is coming and so on and so on, oh and that these Scientists and others have painstakenly collected all the information and want to help us and save our live's for a small fee of $40 or so of course.

I thought I would be getting something legit but yet again, NO! I can't believe the cheek of these people, they want to save our lives but we have to pay for it. I want to punch them, this is the reason why we are all going to be screwed in the first place. If they really "know" what is going to happen and want to help the people of this world they would do it out of the goodness of their heart yet they are putting scary words into people's minds, spreading panic I'm sure and then asking for large sums of money in this bloody economy.

Anyone who actually give's two shits about anything other than money and cares about us don't ask for a sum of money for the privilege. I am so bored and tired of this crap, everyone expects to be paid for helping others there is no such thing as "out of the goodness of our hearts" anymore.

This is not a 2012 discussion but what I know I will bloody give for free. If we really are all going to be pretty much screwed in 2012 then what are these people going to do with all the money from their ebooks? I know, they are going to take it all and build a huge bunker underground, stock up on food and close the door laughing away at us poor suckers who spent our money on the damn useless ebook.

But I know...............I know.

Rant thread, please forgive, it's useless and pointless. :shake:
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