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  1. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    I don't know if many members are going to reply to this thread, but I decided to post it anyway. I was wondering if some of you were self-conscious about your appearance, be it your body type, or what you look like(facial features)


  2. AeonFlux

    AeonFlux I am the edge!

    I'm really not very self-conscious. I know I'm not perfect, but I wouldn't change a thing about myself. I'm quite happy with my physical attributes as a whole.
  3. Merc

    Merc Certified Shitlord V.I.P. Lifetime

    I think the rare answer here in this image-based world is "no". We're all self-conscious to a degree. What you need to be more clear about is how far do you think we are, BR. For example, when you go to work, you're going to be conscious about how you look (unless your job just doesn't matter to you).
  4. EllyDicious

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    by definition of "self-conscious" on the net i read it meant "embarrassed" while in some others i read it meant "awareness".
    and i'm not sure what you mean by this question.
    so you mean if we are aware of what we look like and what we think about our appearance OR if we care about appearance wherever we are/go?
  5. Sim

    Sim Registered Member

    I don't spend much time on styling, or something like that, but before I leave my apartment in the morning for work or college, I take a shower, put on clean clothes and brush my hair. I go to a haircutter regularly, but not obsessively often, and usually go for a normal medium-length haircut that's more practical than stylish.

    I couldn't stand it to pay much time and attention on styling, but at the same time, I don't want appear scruffy, so I'd say my appearance is clean, but not styled.

    When I chose clothes, I usually go for a compromise of practicability, comfortability and a subtle style, but I wouldn't buy too outstanding clothes with a too bold style.
  6. Impact

    Impact Registered Member V.I.P. Lifetime

    It really depends on the situation and the day. Some days I don't care if I look like the back end of a cow, and these are usually the days i'm in a good mood. Others i'll spend forever getting ready and making sure everything is perfect, and these are days i'm usually in a bad mood. And then when everything doesn't work out, i'll be in an even worse mood. Then with different situations, say i'd i'm going out with a bunch of close friends I really won't be all the self conscious, but if it's people I don't know as well, I will be.
  7. Violet_Beauregard

    Violet_Beauregard Registered Member

    Please! I can be the queen of self-conciousness. Sometimes I'm self-concious about my face when my picture's going to be taken and sometimes I'm self-concious about my figure (this self-conciousness is aggravated when people talk about American obesity). I'm scared stiff of the scale and I positively can't stand when people take pictures of me when I'm eating (makes me feel like a fatty!). The funny thing is, I really have no reason to be self-concious, I just tend to be that way. I'm not always self-concious, though. I'm a teenager, by the way.
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  8. Rebeccaaa

    Rebeccaaa yellow 4!

    That's funny, I didn't even realise that's the same as me until I read what you wrote. Though I don't really get in bad moods, if I'm feeling extra happy then I generally couldn't care less what I look like.
    I feel pretty self-conscious just in general, most of the time. This can be to the point where if I'm walking past a group of people my legs almost forget how to walk but that's rare, thankfully. :lol:
  9. Vidic15

    Vidic15 No Custom Title Exists V.I.P. Lifetime

    I've got nothing to be self concious about really because I don't care how people see me. If they can't accept me for who I really am without judging, their loss.
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  10. SuiGeneris

    SuiGeneris blue 3

    So basically the more you dress up the nicer I need to be to you :p

    Nah I'm not that self-concious. There are the rare times where I feel like I'm too chubby or ugly or quiet or too loud or whatever excuse but really for the most part I am quite happy with who I am.

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