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Self checkout lines


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My theory is that these stores install so many self checkouts because they know that no more than one third will be functional at any one time. I often see some with "out of order" signs taped to them.


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The technology is still new and I agree that it should be open more often especially when the checkout lines are super long.


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I've yet to experince a self check-out that's out of order, but I have been behind that person who might as well be wearing the same sign.
Technology is only as good as those using it, self check-out lines bring out all kinds of stupid in a person, like the lady who couldn't get it through her overgrown skull that "no" your daughter cannot sit on the bagging area counter while helping you, her ultra-intelligent mommy throw those soup cans into the bags. GRRRRRRR


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At the Rainbow foods where I live now, I've never seen them closed. At the Walmart near my mom's house, it's a 50/50 chance, at best.

What's the worst though is when some one actually is there, but half of the lanes are malfunctioning. It's like saying "hey, we're actually running them now, but don't get too excited, you still only get one extra lane"
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I don't like Home Depot's checkout too. They want you to put the item in the bag. How the heck am I going to put a garbage can in a bag?
Those are more fun when you have like a 10 foot 2x4. Where the hell am i supposed to put THAT in the baggage area?


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I have learned to love the self check out lanes. And it is a good thing I got out of the retail job, I was a cashier. :lol:


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I like the self-check lines when there's few people. I often find people who just like the self-check lines because they can do it themselves. They don't have a clue how to use it. They just backing up the line...

Self-check aisles are also supervised more heavily. =/


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I use them all the time, especially seeing as how my grocery store has them. If you're good you can get through it really fast. I just hate it though when you scan something and it freaks out. Then the person has to come over, scan a card, push buttons, then you can go again. Also the scales are too sensitive. And I've only seen this one style once but the ones that have a thing across the top of the conveyer belt. The big packs of Charmin toilet paper don't fit. WTF. Why make it so you can't even put common items through the thing. In any case I still use them. ESPECIALLY at Wal-Mart. I don't want to talk to my cashier. I want it to ring my shit up and let me go on my way.
Self-check aisles are also supervised more heavily. =/
Not heavily enough. I mean as soon as that light at the top starting blinking and spinning to let them know there's a problem, where are they then?! Because it always take them ten damn minutes to get there.
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