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Seinfeld Thread


Registered Member
I was late getting into Seinfeld. When it was shown here in the UK it used to be on BBC 2 at a very obscure time and even then it was never 100% that it would actually be shown. I am really not sure why, I honestly think it could have been bigger than it was.

I am thinking of starting again from scratch as I have not seen it in so long and remembered the "masters of house" clip where George cannot stop singing it.

Were you or are you a fan? What did you like about it and what were some of your favourite episodes?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
When it first came out, I was too young to understand the jokes so I didn’t like it very much. After high school, I decided to give it a chance again and I loved it. Was hooked on the show. I have the first five seasons on DVD. It’s actually a show about nothing, which is one thing that makes it so great.

George is by far my favourite character. I love the way he acts, and the way that he always seems to find himself in a sticky situation, or how he gets himself out of one. Another thing that I really love about the show is that there are so many great secondary characters.

My favourite episode his The Marine Biologist.
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