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TV Seinfeld, the Movie!!!


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The Seinfeld movie titled "Serenity Now" is in the works... well, not really, but somebody took a ton of Seinfeld clips, removed the laugh track and made a dramatic movie trailer with them.

Seinfeld Gets Serious - Bing Videos

Seinfeld as an intense crime drama. Whoever made this did a really good job of making it seem pretty legit.


Haha. That was pretty awesome. They definitely did a good job with the trailer. I'd pay money to see it (the movie that is). Ha.
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"Expect the unexpected"
I've always loved Seinfeld, so this is very interesting and funny. Great collection and combination of Seinfeld clips....... awesome video!


still nobody's bitch

besides, if you ever click on a link that hybrix posted, you're a sucker.
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