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Seger was awesome last night!


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Went to see Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band last night. It was a great show and I was suprised that his vocals were still good. Really enjoyed the show!

What I didn't enjoy is arena rock concerts and not really being able to see. From a hundred yards away it could have been anybody on stage and I wouldn't have known the difference. Also, our friends Mr. & Mrs. Bickerman got into two spats over the course of the evening. I hate it when couples fight in front of others when you're trying to have a good time.


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That's great Double S!! Did he play Old time Rock n Roll? Or Turn the Page? Those are my favorite songs from Seger.

Other than the view and the altercations, I'm glad that you were able to enjoy the show.


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I used to love Seger. Then I burned out on him but recently have been getting back in him. I had no idea he still toured. That's great. I'd love to see concert with him and the boys.


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I never saw so many old people at a concert. 40 - 50 yr old women dressing like they were 25. Note to the ladies, it is ok to show some belly only up to the point where it stops being a belly and is a gut. :lol:

But I hope he plays in Ann Arbor at the end of the tour. I would definitely go see him again. My first concert ever was 1976 Seger at Chrysler Arena in Ann Arbor. Since this is probably my last "arena" concert it would seem fitting that it be in our home town.

@ BR: yes & yes! A great performance and the crowd was really into it.

@ MiT: he hasn't toured in a while, 07 I think. Go if you have the chance, you won't regret it.


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Ha! I read the title to this thread completely wrong, what I get for reading quickly lol. I read "Shelgar was awesome last night!" Thought I was going to read about a GF "love connection" lmao

Every time I think of Bob Seger, it's like a pablo's dog effect, Tom Cruise in his underwear comes to mind :lol: . Seger has a lot of great songs, among my favorites is "Turn the page"! Glad you liked the show!
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Went again last night. The Ypsilanti show, sort of the hometown show. A much smaller venue and we were 4th row center stage. It was awesome actually seeing the artists perform from close up, not hundreds of yards away.

Here is a review of the show:

The Oakland Press Mobile : Bob Seger opens new tour with some home town love

I'll try and post a pic when I'm done brushing my sweetie's teeth.