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  1. All hail the magnificence that was SEGA. My jouney started back in '93 with SEGA and I haven't looked back since. Between the Master System to the Dreamcast it was all the best.

  2. My brother (one of them) had a Genesis back in the day. I had a Dreamcast. We're all big gaming advocates, but those were some of our favorites (well, among those that didn't have Nintendo's logo on them somewhere).

    And without the Dreamcast, I'd have no clue about the greatest fighting game series of all time: Soul freakin' Calibur. "Thank your Sega, kids." "Thanks, Sega."
  3. SOAD2k8

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    Sega 1sts among big name companies:

    First with 32bit graphics (32X)
    First with downloadable content (Genesis)
    First color backlit handheld (GameGear)
    First 128bit Graphics (Dreamcast)
    First true online gaming system (Dreamcast)
    First system to use discs (SegaCD)

    Looks like theres a LOT that gamers should be thankful for from Sega. Just because they weren't huge successes in some cases, it doesn't mean thta credit should not be given where credit is due.
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    All I got is the Genesis. I wanted a game gear way back when, but couldn't afford, lol.

    I am thinking about getting the dreamcast... can't find it... don't trust flea market.
  5. Merc

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    Ah, I remember getting a Genesis for Christmas as a kid, I was thrilled. I must have played Sonic for hours and hours that day (at least 4).
  6. SOAD2k8

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    Sonic 2 was my first ever video game, and I haven't turned on him since. I'll always have a soft spot for Sega because of that.
  7. Anyone remember General Chaos? I always loved that game for the SEGA.
  8. moose

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    i loved sonic pinball and vectorman 1 and 2. i looooovvvvvvveeeeddddd vectorman. they were great grapicks for genises
  9. Who here remember that game Comix Zone? Now is it me or was the main character like Rob Van Damme before Rob Van Damme started wrestling? lol
  10. Babe_Ruth

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    I love the Sega Genesis I still play sometimes, I love the Sonic the Hedgehodge(however you write it) it such a good game, don't laugh but sometimes I do play sega game gear.

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