seems to be lot's of people here! great!


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Hi! I'm looking for a Forum where people speaking english for months!!much do but few don't seems to be "alive" sometimes when messages are writing since months!!!
I hope you will understand my english because I try to improve it. I speak french and eeveryone knows we are very bad in foreign languages!;)I leave on a little Carribeen island, nice but too small sometimes, so I love travelling!nice to meet you!


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Hey there. Welcome to GF. This is a very active and amazingly fun forum, I am sure you will find what you are looking for.

Don't stress about us understanding you. If we can understand BR, we can understand you!!! :thumbsup:

Which Island are you from exactly? What are your hobbies and interests?


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Don't worry, there's a few french speakers on the forum that can help you.

Je ne parle pas francais

Yah I'm not one of the french speakers

Au Revoire!


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Hey! Welcome to GF! Just be yourself and have fun! Good to have you!


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Hi everybody! thank's for your welcome!
I leave in Martinique, not far from Venezuela.
what lucky are you smelnick to be in Canada, you have a wonderful country. I spent one month in Hunstville Ontario last summer and it was so fun!Forest, algoquin Park,and very nice people who came to speak so easily with us!
I loved great music I heard there too. Here we have much carribean music!
I love riding, reading, history and geography, (swimming in our warm sea!!)talking about what's happening in my and in others countries. We are so differents, it's very interresting...good night!!!!


Hey welcome!!!

we are all good french-speakers with Google-translate ;).
Also, in this forum it's not quantity but it's quality that matters :)



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I was about to make fun of the introductory post, but meh you're well within reason I guess haha!

Welcome mate, this is a fun and interesting place to post, get to know others, and please for the life of wary of Babe Ruths itchy hair, and CG's toe really is that bad =/


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Hey welcome.

Hopefully you enjoy yourself here, there's a wide range of topics available, it shouldn't get boring.

Yeah there are a few regulars (maybe even sometimes obsessors :lol:) that speak fluent French.

Hope to see you around.