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Seeing Obama Tonight


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'm not sure if you are allowed to ask questions, but lets pretend you had a chance to ask him three questions tonight in front of everyone. What would those questions be?

PS: That's pretty awesome that you have the chance to see him. Hopefully you have a great time.


For a Free Scotland
-Why hasn't there been action in Congress on the BP Oil Spill?
-When are we going to finally leave Afghanistan?
-When will tax loopholes for corporations be closed?


Registered Member
I missed him when he came through town here in Pennsylvania when he first got elected. He came to the hot dog shop in the city that is our "most popular" one and they've got pictures and everything. It's pretty cool.

Jealous that you get to see him in person.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
That's awesome, Kaz...I look forward to hearing about it.

Your 3 questions are pretty awesome, too. I wish you could ask them.


Registered Member
Ask him about Lybia. I thought he was opposed to the use of force without congressional approval. Now our military is engaged in another country?

Nah, don't ask that. The crowd might turn on you. Hahaha I just had a typo where crowd was crown.


For a Free Scotland
I'm back. Pretty tired so I'll keep it brief.

-Opening was by OFA's CA Head, Jerry Rice (yes, the Jerry Rice), and David Plouffe.
-Obama spoke for about a half hour
-Main points- a "big (yes he used the word big), bold and compassionate government"
-Let the Bush tax cuts expire
-No cuts to research, energy, infrastructure or education
-Additional investment in those four areas.
-Full draw down in Iraq.
-More enforcement for equal pay/equal work.
-High speed rail! Smart grids! Internet investment!
-Covenant with Medicare and Social Security
-Cuts to Defense spending.

Shook hands with Gavin Newsom, former mayor of SF, current Lt. Gov of CA. Nancy Pelosi walked right past me. Was awesome.


Lion Rampant
Shook hands with Gavin Newsom, former mayor of SF, current Lt. Gov of CA. Nancy Pelosi walked right past me. Was awesome.
That sounds pretty cool. I'm a fan of the Gavinator, although I voted for Jerry Brown in the primary. Newsom will make a good successor to Brown, judging by everything I've seen.


For a Free Scotland
Yeah, he can really work a crowd. Comes off as nice and really not as sleazy as he looks.

Also in attendance: Reps. Barbara Lee, Mike Honda, Jim McNerny, John Giramendi.