'See You In My Nightmares'

I was really into cheesy, simple horror movies last year and just decided to do a little free writing. I'm obviously still be a bit rusty. This probably has some minor (and major) mistakes in it, just a warning. Haha.

See You In My Nightmares
by Justin Stuart
Ricky and Lucy stepped from the hot, muggy summer night onto the porch. Ricky reached out and knocked, seconds passed and the door swung open, revealing their employer for the night - Darcy West. She invited the two teenagers in, explaining the usual - who had eaten, who hadn’t, where they were allowed to sleep and how late they could stay up. Ricky kicked his shoes off, not paying attention and headed for the dining room. He parked himself in one of the chairs, pulling out his iPod and popping the earphones in. His eyes were now in one world, his ears traveling to another. He watched as two of the kids they’d be watching for the night, came out of the living room, waved and then moved onto the kitchen, where Lucy, their favorite was.

Lucy hugged the kids as they ran in,. Bella, the only girl was thirteen and had a sweet heart. Lucy wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but Bella was her favorite. Bo, the boy, was six and a terror but cute nonetheless. She squeezed them once again, letting them go and making her way through the dining room and into the living room. Darcy was rushing out the door yelling, “I Love You” and “Goodbye” as she shut the front door. Lucy did what worked best, popped a shitty kids movie on the telly to keep them occupied. No matter how many times she watched Aristocats, she would never actually enjoy it.

“Bell, where is your brother?” Lucy asked, not seeing Darcy’s third kid and the oldest, Luke, in his normal spot - in front of his PS2.

“Dunno - I think he’s on the phone, up in his room or something,” she replied, she didn’t seem that interested, but then again, she never did when it came to Luke.

“Oh, okay.”

That was good enough for her, at least that kept the two oldest ones separated and out of each other’s hair.

“Do you want to play checkers?” Lucy added, it had been their own little routine for the past few months. They would play checkers until the little ones fell asleep and then would make their way into the living to room to watch something less painful.

“Yeah, I’ll go get it.” Bella responded, Lucy laughing at her excitement.

“You’re too friggin’ cute!” Lucy cleared a spot of off the cluttered table.

Bella bounded up the stairs for the game, as Lucy organized some of the news papers that lined the dining room chairs. She looked over to see Ricky off in his own little world, scribbling down his next short story or something, she couldn’t really tell from where she stood.

Lucy waved her arms, trying to get Ricky’s attention - he pulled one of the ear plugs out.

“Do you want to take winner?” she asks, giving her most convincing smile. “You’ll get a kiss if you do!” she adds.

“Ha! You have to give me those, they can’t be used as bribes,” he smiles back. “Just give me a few more minutes. I promise to play after…. Just give me two more songs. Okay?”

“Deal.” Lucy said, Bella making her way into the dining room and placing the checkers box down onto the table.

Ricky went back to his music, as the two girls started their game, Lucy setting it up and pulling out to an early lead - jumping the first two pieces. Bo was creeping closer and closer to sleep as the first movie hit its final scene. Luke, unknown to everyone else, continued to prank call, three way calling with his best friend.

Time, like any other babysitter will tell you, hobbled by like a dying, three-legged dog. Bo had finally succumb to his terrible taste in movies, Lucy beat Bella five straight times and Ricky listened to four songs past his two song deal. But upstairs, Luke, a look of fear stapled to his face, sweat running down his forehead, had done something incredibly stupid. Accidentally or not, and no matter how unbelievable, had prank called a homicidal maniac, who had been in the middle of his latest kill. The worst part was that the killer had actually took the time to pick up the phone and now had vowed to find the two boys responsible for this interruption and put them inside his freezer.

Luke didn’t know what to do, he couldn’t call the police, prank calling was illegal. He sure as hell couldn’t tell Ricky or Lucy, they’d have to tell his mom and then shit would really hit the fan. But that was probably a lot better than being hacked up and put into some dingy freezer in the middle of nowhere. Scratch that, he KNEW it would be better. He jumped up from his bed and hustled downstairs, skipping the last couple of stairs as he bolted to the living room.

Lucy watched as Luke came down the stairs, almost running right over his sleeping brother. She put her finger to her mouth and then pointed at the spot where Bo was laying. “Do not wake him up. I cannot stomach another one of those damn movies,” she said in a hushed voice.

“He’s… the man… kill me.” He was out of breath and apparently speaking in tongue. Lucy couldn’t understand a word of it.


“I was upstairs, and I , me and Jeff pranked this guy. No big deal.”

“Nice.” Ricky interrupted as he stepped into the living room free from his iPod.

“Oh yeah, it’s real nice,” she said, not at all sounding happy. Ricky was always encouraging the kids to misbehave and to ignore her rules.

“The man who we pranked, said he was going to find us and kill us,” Luke was finally catching his breath and making sense.

“Don’t be silly, I doubt he knows where you live and if he does, he’s too far away to care.” Lucy was trying to calm the situation. “He was just trying to scare you, I’m sure.”

“He said he was going to eat me!” Luke raised his voice, embellishing a little.

“Hate to break it to you bud, but most inbred cannibals don’t have caller I.D. - or a four wheel vehicle.” Ricky’s words seem to calm Luke down a little better than Lucy’s had, but not enough to keep Luke from screeching a little when he talked.

“Plus, I doubt he has ever heard of any who dot com.” Lucy added, Ricky had to laugh, this shit was absurd.

“But he said the address! 22 Mulder Street!” The screech was back in full effect.

“Oh shit, I guess we’re all dead… nice going.” Ricky joked, following it up with an over-the-top evil laugh.

“Shut up!” Luke hollered.

Lucy gave Rick a shot to the ribs and a look that would’ve scared Jason Voorhees. “Both of you knock it off. Are you sure he said that or are you just paranoid?” Lucy asked Luke, she couldn’t help but feel the effects of his terror.

“Yes. He said my exact address.” Luke answered, his face was pale and he kept his eyes locked on the entrance to the living room - almost as if he was waiting to see some big, toothless hillbilly with a knife come around the corner.

“Not good. Ricky, go lock the doors.”

Ricky was a little confused, was she just messing with Luke or was she taking this seriously?

“Don’t worry, I think he was just trying to scare you, but just in case.”

Ricky shook his head as he headed for the front door, disappearing behind the picture-filled wall that separated the living room from the dining room.

Lucy and the kids waited in the living room, each standing close to one another, Bo still snoring away on the ground. It was silent for just a little too long, Ricky’s footsteps had stopped.

“What the…”


The sound of glass breaking crashed out in the silent house, followed by a scream - a deep, male scream - it was Ricky. Seconds after, before anyone had time to make a move, there was a wet cracking sound and then a loud ‘thud’. Was that a body hitting the floor? No time to think, suddenly they could all hear footsteps, loud and heavy, coming towards them - disappearing as they went from floor tile to carpet.

“Run!” Lucy screamed out as she reached down and picked Bo from the floor. They all made their way quickly to the stairs, doing what every scary movie had taught them not to do. They fumbled there way up to the top, Lucy surveying the place, “Your mom’s room!” she hollered and they barreled down the hallway and into the small room.

Lucy tossed Bo onto the bed and locked the door behind them. For a second the heavy footsteps didn’t follow, a false sense of hope filling the room before being crushed by the sound of whoever was there rounding the top of the steps and heading right for the bedroom. How did he know which room was which?

“What do we do Lucy!?” Bella screamed, Lucy didn’t answer.

“Lucy! Hello!?” Luke added as Bo wiped at his eyes, still half asleep - the lucky one.

She still didn’t say anything for a second, still unable to register all the events of the past ten minutes.

“The window. We have to jump out the window and run for help,” she answered, still staring off. Bella grabbed her hand, trying to pull her to her feet.


The door gave a little, splintering - one or two more of those and they’d be screwed.

“Luke, you first.”

He hesitated - BOOM!

“Now!” Lucy yelled, pushing him a little. He jumped, sailing to the ground, hitting and rolling. He got up and wiped the dirt off, he was okay.

“Bell, you next.”

“I don’t…” she started to say.

“Shut up and jump!”


The crashing behind them like a loud exclamation point. Bella fell to the ground, landing lighter and easier than Luke.

“Catch your brother,” she hollered down to the kids. She waited a second and dropped him just as the door gave way behind her. A giant kick was all it took to send the door off its hinges.

“Fuck!” she screamed.

She tried jumping, but her foot caught, sending her down to the ground in an awkward angle. Smack! The world dimming for a second, her lungs feeling like popped balloons. She tried to suck in some air, but couldn’t, only sucking in some dirt. The world went black for a second, or a minute, she couldn’t tell. She felt the kids grabbing her, trying to lift her - she felt something leaking from her ears and nose, hot and sticky - she felt a fuzzy feeling start to cover her whole body.

“Car… just go.” was all she could say, her words low and wet. She closed her eyes and never opened them again.

The kids began to scream, “Oh my god, is she dead!?” The kids took off running for the car. They made it, all three of them piling into the small white Stratus.

“Where are the keys?” Luke yelled out, he checked in the ignition and behind the sun visor - nothing.

“Hurry Luke!” Bella screamed.

“I need the fucking keys!”

And he was there, standing next to the car - watching them. They saw him too, screaming - kicking and thrashing - what else could they do? It did nothing, they finally got to see who had been chasing them - or at least his silhouette - he was tall, his face covered in shadow. He punched his bare hand through the driver’s side window, grabbed Luke and…

… and then she was awake. Her off-white bedroom walls replacing the dark night’s sky. She took a deep breath, in all her years alive, Darcy had never and a dream so dark and vivid. She could almost feel them die, their screams etched on her short-term memory. But it was only a dream, a silly dream, and nothing more. It was probably best to check, she thought, and lifted her blankets. Too worked up to dress, she wrapper the blanket around her nude body and headed out the door.

She checked Bella’s room first… finding her fast asleep, safe and sound. The same thing for Bo. She headed down the stairs, where Luke had crashed, just to be sure, clear her head of all this nonsense. As she got to the bottom of the stairway, she let out a sigh, he was also sound asleep - his snoring filling the room. She turned around and began to head up to her room, when she suddenly stopped dead - standing at the top of the stairs was the man from her dream. His face was still covered in shadows, even as everything else was covered in sunlight… and clutched in his hand was a human… Bella’s head, blood still dripping from the neck. Darcy screamed!
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