Movies See No Evil

Has anyone seen this movie i really liked it and who thought the wwe could make such a good film

the actors and actresses they used where not that well kno in the us but still did a really good job actting

what did you think about the movie
You're the first person that I have seen that said it was a good movie. Everyone else I have heard talk about it said it was a miserable flop. I personally don't really like horror films, but I basically consider a movie decent if it kept me moderately entertained for the duration of the film. If I ever see it on HBO is a couple of months and I'm really bored, I may watch.


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Just another low-grade, bargain bin, horror flick.

Probably just as predictable as Jenna Jameson's next porno too.

This is one of those horror flicks that I'm going to laugh more than how many of my hairs stand on end from the great element of FEAR that it's supposed to drive into me.


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I thought it was pretty good. It was nice that they started the movie with a killing and dismembering. Plus, I also liked that the kids weren't goody-goodies on yet another pointless road trip. The fact that they were juvenile prisoners added to the story as the adults didn't buy their story at first because of their reputation and not that they were just kids.