See Christopher Hitchens get waterboarded :)

"Vanity Fair's Christopher Hitchens Undergoes Waterboarding".

Be sure to check out the linked video. I have to admit - I've never been as happy with Hitchen's journalism as I am now. True, he told us nothing new, and several other people have done the exact same stunt before, to make the exact same point. And the discussion in Congress at the moment is not whether it /is/ torture, but whether it should be /called/ torture, and whether it should be used anyway to extract confessions from evil terrorists (false or otherwise) - which makes the entire stunt useless.

But on the other hand, I got to see Hitchens get waterboarded.

Also, isn't it nice to see how casual the guys in military fatigues conduct the "experiment & demonstration"? Just fills me with pride just thinking about the time I had the honor of being shouted at by a US marine sergeant a while back. Honestly - I'm looking back at that day with honor. To once be commanded to torture people - and then carry out your orders faitfully and with casual sureness. Truly, truly envious soldiering ability involved here. If only the world had more mindless goons like that. ..Oh, wait - that's not really possible, is it.


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Hitchens got tortured? Then he was wrong! There obviously is a God, because He just answered all my prayers. :D

Honestly, I gotta give Hitchens credit, because he wrote a well solid article, and took "investigative journalism" to an interesting new extreme. That said, reading about American intelligence agents torturing folks all official-like, always enrages me like nothing else. The CIA bastards who are responsible for using "enhanced interrogation techniques" need to do some jail time. If anyone in the Bush administration directly ordered that these techniques be used (as opposed to just giving a green light), they also need some time to sit and think about what they did inside a cell. Or, at the very least, some folks need to get fired.
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