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Security hole lets hackers control cameras, printers and routers


Free Spirit
Staff member
A newly discovered exploit in a technology standard known as “universal plug and play” (UPnP) is big enough that hackers on the Internet could remotely access and control “millions” of compatible devices like cameras, printers and routers, security researchers said Tuesday.

Massive security hole lets hackers control millions of cameras, printers and routers

If someone gets control of your devices they could use your printer to print messages and turn on your web cam. It's the router part I am concerned about. The reason is we keep getting hit with this IP address, which we have it blocked, to the point at times we can't use the computer and when we traced the address it said it was a router. I wonder if it has anything to do with this. I am being hit as I type, sometimes it will hit us 200 times or more.