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Security Blanket


rainbow 11!
Do you guys have a security blanket? Did you have one? When did you stop using it?

I do. It's just this little blanket my mom got for me about four years ago. I got so used to sleeping with that I pretty much need it. I tend to bring with me whenever I'm sleeping at a friends house. >.> I know, a 17 year old with a security blanket.
MR BLANKIE!!! he's like two ft. by two ft. and was a quilt made by my g-ma for my aunt or something. he had strawberry designs on him and is kind of holey but i love him to death, i still sleep with him sometimes.

i remember once in kindergarden i took him to school for some reason and we had this row boat in the classroom that i used to nap in and i forgot mr. blankie there so my parents had to call and get the school unlocked so i could get mr. blankie to fall asleep that night.

im going to go get him out of the dryer right now!


It fell off.
Umm; not a blanket- but I had a pig stuffed animal.

It was the first one I had ever gotten when I was born- my dad gave it to me, And i used to carry it with me everywhere.

I remember, when i was lil, when we played like, house and such- i'd carry it, and if it dropped I'd 'bandage it up'- literally.

It's got a rattle in it...lol.

Now it sits on my shelf in my room.


Wanna play?
I've never had a blankie. But, I can't sleep unless I'm under a blanket. Even during the hottest summer nights I have to be under the covers.


Registered Member
When I was about 4 I had an odd attachment to a stuffed leopard I got from the Columbus Zoo, but that stopped at about 8. After that I haven't had any oral fixation with a blanket or anything.


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Can't remember any blankies or stuff animals. Don't need any now either.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I was attached at the hip with my blanket, and kept it for way too long as a kid :).

It was called my "Night Night."


The Original Kiwi
I had a blanket that I loved to death (literally). I'm obsessed with textures and this one was fuzzyish and I rubbed it through my fingers causing holes until it was basically just shreds of fabric held together. I finally made the decision to toss it about 5 years ago (I wasn't using it up to that time, but had been storing it).


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Not a blankie but a doudou. I have a stuffed pound puppy that's been with me for mmm, 18 years now. Travels with me. Sleeps with me.