Secret Handshake - the Rules

Discussion in 'The Bathroom Wall' started by Chaos, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Chaos

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    1. Firstly, never call it a secret handshake. NEVER.
    2. Try to avoid anything involving you simultaneously jumping in the air. It's hard to coordinate and easy to get spectacularly wrong. It's also a little bit wierd.
    3. Despite this, do try to add as many seperate components to your shake as possible; complex finger movements, fist bumps, shoulder tags, and even spinning around are all perfectly fine secret handshake moves.
    4. If a jump is absolutely unavoidable, you may as well go for it. Popular usage includes chest bumps and sometimes even shoulder tags MID-AIR :)-o). Only the most professional of secret handshakers use these elements. It may take years to reach this level.
    5. The daring handshaker may decide to 'riff' during a shake, where he will disengage (known more colloquially as a 'break from the shake') and do a small routine entirely on his own, before rejoining moments later to complete the shake. This is very cool.
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  2. Hiei

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    Most of the people down here will slap hands then do the fist bump. I like to slap hands then punch their fist about as hard as I can without making it too obvious that I'm about to break one of their knuckles.
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    Fucking rep spread Ice. :mad:

    I got H though. :thumbsup:

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