Secondary title in TNA might be reality


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-- While Jeff Jarrett is usually against adding any new championships to TNA, feeling the more there are, the value of them goes down, TNA has plans to add another singles sometime in the near future. It would likely be a title on the level of the Intercontinental Championship as a number of wrestlers are squeezed out from winning gold if they aren't either main eventers, X Division wrestlers, tag team wrestlers, or Knockouts. In the past, there was talk of adding an X Division tag team title, but the idea was shot down.
I have been wanting TNA to do this for a while now. I think its a good idea and will create more interest in more wrestlers.
I don't know, I think they need to add more shows before they start adding more titles. Why can't they create another show first, then create more titles? It seems a bit crowded and clutter-like.