Second round picks


Sultan of Swat
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I was thinking about the great second round picks that came out of college or high school in the last few years, and I was wondering who do you think his the best to be drafted in the last 10 years? Here's a few names: Michael Redd, Gilbert Arenas, Carlos Boozer, Rafer Alston, Gordan Girichek, Emmanuel Ginnobli, Marco Jaric, Mehmet Okur, Bobby Simmons, Chris Duhon, Ryan Gomes and after showing some great games this year I'll have to add Paul Milsap. I'll give my opinion later.


Sultan of Swat
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Both are great players, and both can score at any time they want. But my pick would have to go with Arenas because he's can lead the league in scoring threw out a whole season. But I would include Boozer and Okur, they're fairly close to those players.


Here's my list of the best players out of the players you named:
1. Gilbert Arenas
2. Michael Redd
3. Manu Ginobili
4. Carlos Boozer
5. Mehmet Okur
6. Rafer Alston
7. Chris Duhon
8. Bobby Simmons
9. Marco Jaric
10. Ryan Gomes

I haven't seen Gordan Girichek or Paul Milsap play enough to actually judge them right now. Also, I believe Ryan Gomes will eventually become ahead of Marco Jaric, but, as of right now, Ryan is too young in his career to actually be placed higher.