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Second Hand (Cigarette) Smoke


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
We all know that its bad for you. For everyone who doesn't like it, can't stand it, or just flat out doesn't smoke: What do you do to avoid it and how do you feel about people who do not care about the non-smokers around them or the ones that will actually blow the smoke in the non-smokers' general direction?

For smokers: How do you feel when you are around people who don't like smoke? Are you pompous about it?


Problematic Shitlord
Just so you know, not everyone believes it's bad for you. Seriously, just warning you.

I think it's disgusting though and I hate these people that bitch about being told not to smoke in the fronts of buildings like it's their right to affect other people with their addiction.


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I don't think it's as dangerous as it's made out to be, but I certainly don't like it. I think smokers should be more considerate about where they smoke.


Problematic Shitlord
It just bugs me because at my school, students actually get pissed when they're told to move away from the building entrances. What right do they have to get pissed? Their smoke is gagging, gross, and they're slowly (most likely) killing themselves.

If I was a smoker, I'd be considerate enough to stay away from the doors so people don't have to suck down my smoke.


Supreme System Lord
People who smoke and have no respect for those who don't really hack me off. Some do it on purpose and make sure non-smokers inhale.

Also smokers who whinge about the state of our health service are a disgrace.


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Smoking is one of those things that makes folks territorial. Smokers can never figure out why non-smokers hang around people who are smoking, only to complain about it; and non-smokers can't figure out why smokers are so discourteous as to smoke around them. The whole business is very passive-aggressive.


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My dad and sister smoke, my mum gave up.

But when the smoke is around me, I tell them to move away, or I go to my room, I just can't stand smoke these days, makes my eyes water and cough.


Secret Agent
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Not everybody believes that second hand smoke is bad for you, but then again not everybody believes the earth is round either. (Yes, there are an odd few..)

Just because somebody doesn't believe it's bad doesn't mean that's a fact. That's just their individual belief.

There is NO evidence to support that second hand is good for people in any way. Considering that humans aren't meant to breath in smoke (looking at the effects of smoke on our lungs) it's pretty safe to assume that second hand smoke doesn't have a neutral effect either. By process of elimination I can't see how second hand smoke ISN'T bad for you.

That being said, if you smoke that is your decision. Just don't do it around people who can't get away. i.e. kids, babies, bystanders who were there first, etc.

If people are considerate about where they smoke then I have no problem with them smoking. It's their right to do so.


Sultan of Swat
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I think Second hand smoke is really bad for you. I also think that smokers need to be considerate about none smokers. I use to work with this guy and he was a smoker, sometimes I was driving around with him, it was during the winter time so the windows were close. So he decides to start smoking so I decided to open a window because he didn't, then he tells me close your window it's cold. I told him I cannot stand the smell of smoke it gives me headaches, he tells me it's my Van. The guy was an ass when it came to smoking, even if he clearly new I didn't like the smell.

So I think smokers need to realize that non-smokers don't like the smoke, so don't do it in front of them or near them, especially if you don't know them.


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For smokers: How do you feel when you are around people who don't like smoke? Are you pompous about it?
If I'm in a public area where smoking is allowed and people generally hang out (like parks, bus stations), I don't light a smoke next to anyone just because "I can do it". I try to get away from them...find a bigger space where my smoke wouldn't bother another, especially a non-smoker. It irritates me when the place is large enough to avoid proximity with people and someone stands or sits right next to you and light up.

When sharing a table with others (like for meals or drinks) in an establishment or house that allows smoking inside, but I know that not all of us are smokers, I ask the non smoker friend if it bothers him/her before I light a ciggy. If s/he says yes, then I excuse myself and smoke elsewhere and get back to the table after. Technically, the person cannot really complain when others smoke next to him/her, in the sense that the establishment specifies that it is allowed and not a smoke-free area. But I'm willing to accord that courtesy of asking permission from someone I'm with.