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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by SmilinSilhouette, Apr 21, 2010.

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    I think that the bottom line is that fraud was committed, and the regulations being proposed will help prevent future cases such as this one. It doesn't matter when the accusations were leveled; had Goldman-Sachs not engaged in fraudulent activities, there would be no accusation at any time and to anyone's alleged benefit.

    Does the timing of these accusations somehow diminish what Goldman-Sachs did? No, I don't believe so.
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    Has fraud been committed? Has a presumption of guilt replaced the presumption of innocence? From your post it sounds like there has been a conviction, yet only civil (not criminal) charges (accusations) have been filed NOT proven.

    Goldman Sachs charged with fraud by SEC

    Also, how do you know the proposed regulations will address what is in the unproven accusations? Are you privy to the as of yet unwritten legislation?
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    Why does anyone think current president Obama is anti-financial community? After giving in to them for 40 years, peaking with gazillion $$$ bailouts shouldn't throwing a scapegoat to the curb along with some band-aid legislation be in order?
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    My honest take: looking to Rush Limbaugh for the unvarnished truth is like panning for gold in a septic tank.
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    I used to watch his TV show when it was buried in the wee hours. He and that times RIGHT made sense. Todays right is so far away from historical American values and fair play it skews all sensibilities.

    Today's left&right are puppets of one group of puppeteers.
  7. Tucker

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    Now, that's a position historians could handily defend.

    And that isn't. Sorry, but I can't put finger on one legitimate, objective scholar who subsribes to the 'vast Zionist conspiracy' theory. The minute it comes up, in fact, credibility and even the presumption of rationality pizzle right out the window.
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    Zionist conspiracy? I've said neoconservative zionists control America's foreign policy. Our bending over to fulfill/justify every whim and peccadillo of Israel bears that out.

    Democracy building, straight out of the old PNAC How to Manual, and two "going on MORE" POLICE actions nails it.

    Today's left&right are puppets of one group of puppeteers.

    Just where does a zionist conspiracy co-join with the above? The above means that the Left and the Right are obligated via millions of dollars in contributions from the "rich." And no matter how or how much the Left and Right bicker their rich sponsers are in no way adversaries. No way. No how.
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    The Obama admin is rife with Goldman-Sachs & Wall St insiders. Thrown to the curb? maybe for now. But the bus will be back to pick them up after the dust settles. Band-aid legislation? Probably more taxpayer funded guarantees for "too big to fail" buddies of big government.

    @ Tuck: again I ask, what do you think about the message, not Limbaugh.

    @ Tuck & Rap: I'm on the right, so please tell me where you think I fit into: "Todays right is so far away from historical American values and fair play it skews all sensibilities."
    Goldman Sachs hearing: Is Congress missing the point? -
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    I think the point of that statement wasn't to accuse every single individual on the right - just the right as a whole.

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