Seattle should build their team like the 90's bulls.


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Sonics Plan for the future

I think the best course of action for the Seattle Supersonics is to build around Durant. I would trade Green and two suns first rounders for Rudy Gay. And then trade the top 3-5 pick and Chris wilcox (or collison which ever the bulls wanted) for Tyrus Thomas who would play the Dennis Rodman Role for them.

I personally think that the team would be best if Green

PG: Free Agency or Draft (Rose would be ideal but Collison would be solid as well)West could be alright but probably not the starter if they want a championship
SG: Durant - he has to be the Jordan the team wants him to be and everyone wants him to be.
SF: Gay- Would Play the Pippen Role for the team. Great Second scorer with a lot of potential to be a great defender.
PF: Tyrus Thomas- This guy is oozing with rebounding/defensive potential.
C: Swift/Sene- this would be the center spot and would likely be the team's position where they had a good offense center and a good defensive center.. with sene's development as of late (15 rebounds 4 blocks) that could be possible.

They would also be wise to get a steve kerr like player (The sixers need a point guard and have too many wings a ridnour/korver swap would be pretty cool.

bench: Collison/Wilcox whichever that wasnt traded.,Korver,sene/swift, (the rest of the roster would be filled with money from free agency.

I think this team would be great for the future and would be the team to beat after they come together and gel in 3-5 years.

Built Ford Tough

I actually think that Jeff Green would be a better "Pippen" then Gay would be. Green isn't a player that is very aggressive and likes to defer to his teammates. Pippen was like that as well. Both of them have/had the ability to run the offense and have point forward qualities. Green has the potential to be a very good defender, like Pippen was. Green and Pippen are actually very similar imo.

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I think Durant as a 6'11" SG would get torched on D. Durant may be good but he'll still be about 1/2 the player Jordan was. Pippen is one of the top 5 defenders of all time, Gay is nowhere near that.
I don't forsee the Bulls giving up a high draft pick like Thomas for scrubs off the Sonics bench. They also don't need a rebounding big man, they need a low post scorer in chicago. Wilcox is mediocre in that aspect.