Search Engines

Google! I've used it for as long as I can remember and just find it extremely simple and I can usually always find what I'm looking for. Google Images is good too.
I love it when they re-design the logo on special occasions.. I wouldn't know if any other search engines do that too but yeah.
Google also has funny little quirks, like Mystery Google and the 'I'm feeling lucky' tricks. I love the 'French military victories' one, sorry ys :D
I don't actually use Mystery Google, it was just an example of some of the little 'extras' they have. It's where you search something and it brings up what the person before you searched. Pretty pointless but there you go :lol:

The I'm feeling lucky button skips the search results page and takes you to the page that would have been ranked first on the results. That's it's primary use anyway, but it's got some hidden features that are meant to be funny.


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Never used any of other search engines than Google, maybe have used Ask at school once in a while, but I am a daily Google user.


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I've used google for as long as I can remember actually. I've had my homepage set to google for forever, and I use that iGoogle thing, so my gmail shows up on the front page. I love google, simple, fast and easy to use.


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Google like everyone else, because it's what I was first showed how to use back in the day when i'd never used a computer. It's always finds me what I need, so I see no reason to change. Like Bex, I love how they change the logo on certain days. The odd time google is down, I used dogpile, which compiles results from a heap of different search engines.